Your Next Wave of Productivity is in Purchasing and Procurement

Millions of people have been laid off from their jobs, but companies still continue to lose money. What’s next in cost reduction and productivity? According to the National Cost Reduction Corporation it’s reducing administrative costs.

“It’s amazing how much money you can save by cutting costs like utility and freight, simply by negotiating with suppliers,” says Leonard Levey, CEO of NCRC. “Exploring budgets and negotiating lower costs is a huge project to take on, and many companies find that they don’t have the time or staff to handle it in a professional manner. On average we find companies could be saving 10 to 35 percent on their non-labor, administrative costs.”

In today’s down economy many suppliers would rather negotiate their pricing rather than lose a customer. NCRC finds that even if a supplier has a multi-year contract with a company there is always room for cost reduction negotiations. Some of the largest non-labor costs like utilities, telecommunications and freight can all be negotiated.

“A 5 percent reduction here and a 10 percent reduction there can work out to huge savings,” says Levey. “When we create a cost reduction analysis, we look at over 20 expense categories down to the SKU level, and we almost always find items that will reduce costs.”

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Posted on: January 23rd, 2012 by Len Levey


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