Cut Costs, Not Corners

Cutting cost in this economy is crucial, but companies need to be able to reduce costs without cutting corners. National Cost Reduction Corporation can help your firm do just that.

For the last eleven years, National Cost Reduction Corporation has saved companies in Chicagoland over $3,500,000. Clients, on average, save 10 to 35 percent against their previous expenditures. By reducing administrative expenses (the cost of office supplies, utilities, telecommunications, etc.), we help companies improve cash flow, increase their bottom line, and manage costs, all with excellent results.

National Cost Reduction Corporation operates at no net cost to you, the client. If our Propriety Cost Reduction Process doesn’t save your company money, then our services are free. We are compensated by you, the client only if we bring ¬†documented savings of administrative expenses. We receive a percentage of the documented savings in the first year only. The savings are all yours after the first year (special arrangements on contracts).

Not only can NCRC save your company money, it also saves you time. On average, clients spend less than 12 hours annually working to reduce costs with NCRC. We manage the rest, including the negotiations with current and alternative suppliers. With this new found time, you can focus on important issues, growing your business and managing your staff.

Thanks to our 40 years of cost reduction management experience in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, non-profit, service and other industries, we have the proven ability to service clients in all industries. Along with our aggregated procurement power of national, regional and local suppliers, we can negotiate the lowest prices for our clients.

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Posted on: January 23rd, 2012 by Joe Szuba


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