NCRC Provides Proven Capabilities in Reducing Administrative Expenses

Permanent Time Saving Expense Reduction at No Cost

National Cost Reduction Corporation (NCRC) has been servicing clients by reducing administrative expenses to improve cash flow and increase net profit for 11 years. By working with current suppliers and alternative national and regional suppliers, NCRC saves clients an average of 10-35 percent against their previous expenditures and has saved Chicago area companies over $3 million.

“Now that companies have cut their labor and personnel to a bare minimum they’re looking for other ways to reduce costs,” says NCRC CEO Leonard Levey. “Exploring budgets and negotiating lower costs is a huge project to take on, and many companies find that they don’t have the time or staff to handle it in a professional manner. As experts in cost management, we have a disciplined and practiced process, and in just eight weeks we’ll present our findings and recommendations.”

Unlike other cost reduction companies, NCRC delivers SKU documented performance-based measurements of over 20 categories while maintaining a client’s established quality and service levels. NCRC works with their clients’ current suppliers and alternative suppliers to reduce costs without changing the way the client conducts business.  “All analyses and potential savings forecasts are developed at no cost to our clients as our fees are based on our clients’ savings,” says NCRC President Joe Szuba. “If we conduct our complete analysis and find that the client has the lowest costs throughout all categories then the pricing confirmation was free. However, it rarely ever happens that we can not find any savings throughout the over 20 categories we evaluate.”

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Posted on: January 23rd, 2012 by Joe Szuba


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