Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners are organizations that provide services to NCRC clients which complement our cost reduction management services. These Strategic Partners are specialized and focused on their niche categories.

NCRC principles have met with all partners to fully understand their unique and specialized strengths. NCRC recommends these partners to prospects and clients based on their needs. If prospects and clients need this expansion of their expense reduction opportunities, NCRC provides them with the Strategic Partner’s information. If the prospect or client prefers, NCRC will give the Strategic Partner their information, with their permission, of course.

NCRC does not receive any income from work performed by a Strategic Partner for a prospect or client.

Category: Virtual Assistance/Back Office Support Services
Company: Cybertary Chicago
Description of services: Cybertary is a company with a team of highly skilled professionals providing administrative support and specialized services, including administrative assistance, web maintenance, marketing, social media management and bookkeeping.

Category: Branding, Marketing and Business Development Services
Company: The Judy Biasetti Group
Description of Services: We represent a number of small to mid size agencies and consultancies in the Midwest and the San Francisco Bay Area. By matching your strategic and creative needs with the right team of marketing professionals, the Group provides transformational marketing programs that will reach your target audiences effectively and grow your business.

Category: Education and Professional Development
Company: Drake Resources
Description of Services: We successfully help change the way organizations think, manage growth and lead innovative progress by leveraging the most effective technologies and training methods to engage employees from diverse backgrounds and experience levels. We offer outstanding custom and semi-custom employee development and professional growth preparation so that your organization will always be ready for the next level.

Category: Business Consultation and Coaching
Name of Company: Sales Results, Inc.
Description of Services: Sales Results is an elite provider of sales training and coaching services. We work with entrepreneurs, professional service providers and sales teams who aspire to the highest standards and practices of selling in their chosen industries. Our process revolves around “the art of selling without selling,” which gives a level of comfort to our clients who do not want to be seen as a typical salesman.

Category: Mobile Drug Testing
Name of Company: USA Mobile Drug Testing of Chicago Northwest Suburbs (USAMDT)
Description of services:  USAMDT provides professional drug testing services on location! With our ability to provide our services on your premises the hassle of sending employees away from your facility while on company time is avoided along with reduced risk and liabilities that are associated with offsite testing. We bring the necessary items on-site to conduct multiple collections, testing, or training. Mobile drug testing saves you time and money.

Category: Business Brokerage/Business Consulting
Name of Company: Sun Acquisitions
Description of services: Sun Acquisitions provides mergers and acquisition services to clients interested in the confidential sale, acquisitions or valuation of privately held mid-market companies. We have successfully managed and handled engagements in all kinds of industries and are recognized as a leading advisory firm in the Midwest.

Category: Data Analytics
Name of Company: Paramount Consultancy Services (PCS)
Description of services: PCS helps you and your business to identify and solve business challenges. By analyzing and helping you to better understand your sales, inventory and customer data, we enable you to make smarter business decisions and increase profitability.


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