How much revenue would you have to earn to add $72K to your bottom line?

$2.4 million.
at a 3% pre-tax profit

Plug in Your Own Numbers

That’s right, to add $72,000 to your bottom line you would need to increase revenue by $2,400,000 if your pre-tax profit is 3%. This is our basic Expense Savings Formula.

Want to add $45K? $90K to your bottom line? At 3% pre-tax profit, you would need to earn $1.5 and $3 million, respectively. Use our Expense Savings Formula above to see your numbers, not just ours.

With Our Five-Phase NCRC Cost Reduction Process:
We Can Help You Realize Real Cost Savings.

NCRC Cost Reduction Process

As a turnkey service, we are mindful of your valuable time and keep your commitment manageable. Our proprietary Cost Reduction Process requires only five brief meetings with you. From there, we follow up with three audits throughout the agreement year. Each milestone reviews the completed objectives and outlines the next goals. We do the rest.

Expense Reduction Milestones

Phase One – Introduction and Overview

National Cost Reduction Company presents a brief overview of cost management objectives and expense reduction initiatives. A signed Confidentiality Statement is presented, followed by a discussion of your cash flow challenges. A date is set to complete the Expense Worksheet.

Phase  Two – Complete Expense Worksheet

NCRC at your discretion can work with your actual expenses to identify approximate annual spend by category and supplier. Sensitive supplier relationships and contractual agreements are noted. A date is set to present NCRC’s annual forecast of savings to you.

Phase Three – Present Forecast of Savings

NCRC presents a conservative forecast of annual expense savings. Four documents to implement cost reduction services are reviewed with you to be approved and signed. A date is set to implement the cost reduction management process.

Phase  Four – Implement Cost Reduction Process

NCRC receives signed & approved documents to initiate your cost reduction process.  A date is set approximately 8 weeks after meeting 4 to present documented and approved savings, as well as NCRC cost reduction management recommendations.

Phase Five – Presentation of Documented and Approved Savings

After 8 weeks of communication and negotiation with current and alternative suppliers, NCRC presents the following:

  • Cost Reduction Findings and Recommendation Report
  • Excel spreadsheets confirming documentation of new lowered costs (both hard copy and on disc)
  • NCRC’s first invoice as a percentage of the documented savings which is deducted off the last invoice.

Request a free analysis today and let us show you how to control costs and reduce expenses to improve your bottom line. Our fees are contingency-based, so if we don’t save you money, we don’t get paid. That’s our no-risk guarantee to you. No cost. No obligation. Period.


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“We have been working with NCRC to reduce our administrative expenses. Not only have they succeeded in saving us money in this area, they have also reduced expenses in many other areas of club operations. I recommend you ask for a free analysis today!”

— Frank Stover
General Manager
The Chicago Club