The Client:
Lawrence Hall
Youth Services

With roots back to 1865, Lawrence Hall Youth Services (LHYS) treats, educates and provides a home for some of the most at-risk youth in Illinois.

The Challenge

A long time LHYS Board member, after reviewing the cost control services and benefits that NCRC has delivered to many organizations, both profit and non-profit, referred NCRC to this client. After meeting with the CEO and CFO of LHYS, NCRC was engaged to negotiate and implement non-labor expense reductions. LHYS had previously implemented a cost reduction management program and, “thought we were doing a good job internally containing these costs.” In 2009, as a result of decreases in state funding, NCRC enabled LHYS to meet their budgets through significant expense reductions.

National Cost Reduction Corporation Approach

LHYS completed the expense worksheet and submitted to NCRC their annual expenses by category, supplier and dollars spent to NCRC. NCRC analyzed the data and presented a forecast of expense reduction and savings to LHYS along with a deliverable timeline and documents that would enable NCRC to negotiate lower costs from both current and alternative suppliers.

Upon signing the agreement, NCRC began communications and negotiations with current suppliers and selected alternative vendors. Historically, about 40% of achieved savings come from current suppliers. Additionally, the number of suppliers was consolidated. At the end of eight weeks, NCRC presented our Cost Reduction Findings and Recommendations Report, which specifically detailed annual savings by category and supplier including proposed new vendor selection.

Happy Ending

Based on the initial findings and subsequent implementation of our cost reduction management plan, the client is achieving and will exceed NCRC’s forecasted annual savings of over $100,000. Cash flow was increased immediately upon NCRC negotiating lower cost and the bottom line has also increased. The client also saved considerable time during the year as NCRC performed the functional tasks, which allowed them to focus on their primary growth initiatives.


Len Levey, CEO
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Joe Szuba, President
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“We engaged National Cost Reduction Corporation (NCRC) to perform cost analysis for our non-labor operating costs. As much as we thought we were doing a good job internally containing these costs, NCRC negotiated with existing vendors on our behalf, introduced new vendors and recommended a number of other alternatives that will produce significant five-figure savings.”

— Mark Nufer
Chief Financial Officer