Five cases with real results.
Read on, they’re quick.

Even in touting our skills, we don’t want to waste your time. Below are five case studies across different industries summarizing our proprietary Cost Reduction Process and cost reduction results.


Recent management changes and new hires prompted a full review of general and administrative non-labor expenses.  Read more…

Lawrence Hall Youth Services (LHYS):

Following public funding cuts, entrenched thinking gets challenged when a Board member reviews how NCRC delivers real savings. Read more…

Commercial Printer X: 

In the face of slow payments of receivables, this NCRC client was able to achieve positive cash flow making them a lean printing leader. Read more…

Chicago Child Care Society:

 How could CCCS benefit from expense reduction and not divert the focus of their skilled staff? Read more…

Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago:

Saving money wasn’t their mission, it was ours. Read more…


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