About National Cost Reduction Corporation

National Cost Reduction Corporation (NCRC) is an independent, professional, cost evaluation and cost reduction company serving clients in the seven county, Metro Chicago market. NCRC, established in 2001 is owned by Len Levey and Joe Szuba. Both are actively involved in meeting with you, evaluating and documenting expenses to the description level and representing you in negotiating lower costs from your suppliers.

All cost evaluation and audits are documented and approved by NCRC clients. The principals have years of experience as senior management officers of large multi-million department, specialty, discount, wholesale and retailers. That experience provides a true P&L understanding of the importance of increasing cash flow and improving the bottom line. The principals have experienced cost reduction in each of the twenty (20) expense categories that can bring significant and meaningful improvement immediately to both profit and non-profit organizations. Often, sales increases take much longer to impact cash flow and the bottom line and always add a cost of acquisition to expenses.

NCRC’s philosophy is to completely review, explain and engage client partners and their staffs to achieve improved performance. In representing only NCRC clients NCRC communicates and negotiates with current suppliers in a very professional, pleasant and persistent environment. As a result, 41% of cost reduction occurs with current suppliers. Additionally, as long term Chicago executives the principals’ knowledge of market costs, suppliers strength, the competitiveness of the third largest market in the United States and a deregulated state (IL) provides strong negotiating opportunities. Suppliers value NCRC client’s business and prefer to re-evaluate and lower their costs to the client versus having an RFP. Historically RFP’s require longer evaluation periods. Sometimes it is necessary to go to market to find alternative suppliers for NCRC clients. In that case, NCRC does all of the due diligence for their clients. NCRC never discloses who their clients are nor the unit cost. NCRC does advise an alternative supplier of the approximate annual spend and provides an item description from their master excel spread sheet so that product cost is always compared on an “apples to apples” basis.

Financially NCRC fees significantly trail the cash flow improvement cycle on both their initial Findings and Recommendations as well as the three audits they perform during the agreement year. All savings are based only on invoices paid. NCRC fees are earned on a contingency basis. NCRC bring you savings, NCRC is paid. No savings to you? No fees are due to NCRC!

So let’s get started. Call 312 925 0489 or email Joe@nationalcostreduction.com to set the first no cost, no obligation meeting. NCRC fully reviews their process, communication schedule, timeline, audits and begins with completing a worksheet of annual expense by category and supplier. When NCRC presents the client’s annual forecast of savings, that is when the agreement will need to be signed and the client’s cost reduction initiative begins.


Len Levey, CEO
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Joe Szuba, President
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